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HCC icon HCC Household Medications For Pets

Buffered Aspirin pain relief,anti-inflammatory 8-12 MG/Ib. every 12 Hrs.
Benadryl/antihistamine treats allergies,itching,ect. 1/2mg/Ib. every 8Hrs(Maximum dose 2mg/Ib.
Vitamin B used as an appetite stimulant 1/2 to 2ml SubQ every 24 Hrs
Dramamine reduces motion(car) sickness up to 50mg every 8Hrs.
Hydrogen Peroxide(3%) used to induce vomiting
after accidental ingestion
of poisen
10ml by mouth every 15min.
Epinephrine(1:1000) used to treat reactions
following medications,insect
stings, and bites
1/10 to 1/2 intramuscular or SubQ
Pepto Bismol for diarrhea,vomiting,anti-gas 1tsp. per 5Ibs every 6Hrs
Di Gel Liquid antacid and anti-gas up to 4 tbs. every 8 Hrs
Mineral Oil eliminates constipation up to 4 tbs. daily
Kaopectate For diarrhea,vomiting and anti-gas 1ml per Ib. every 2Hrs

This chart was copied from the Fosters and Smith Pet Care Catalog. The information listed is to be used in life threatening situations when you cannot get to a vet immediately. As always do not take the care of your beloved pet into your own hands!!!!! Always be under the advise of your vetrinarian.