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Legend Of The Shar Pei

A very long time ago, when our earth was a black spinning sphere, there sat it's Creator. Mext to the Creator sat a dog - a very ancient wrinkled dog. The Creator looked down upon his darkened planet and knew there must be light. Risisng, he stretched out his mighty arms and the dog looked into his masters eyes. The dog did not see, but he felt the hope and weariness from the overwhelming act of creation. With silent understanding and compassion, the dog licked the darkness from his master's sky. He absorbed the darkness of the night sky forever. Refreshed, the Creator finished his masterpiece. Then in an act of infinite grace, he created a garden - a paradise. Lions ran with horses. Monkeys played with leopards. The animals in this garden lived side by side in peace. And into this Eden, the Creator gently placed dog. One day two new beings appeared in the garden. They were man and woman. The animals welcomed them and they lived happily together. In time, however, a day arrived when thunder shook the earth and man and woman hung their heads in shame. Sadness entered the garden. Man and woman said good-bye to their friends, and they dropped to their to hug their most beloved friend of all - dog. With love, the noble dog licked their tears. With a screaming of birds and a roar of animals, man and woman walked out of the garden. The earth trembled and split behind them. The animals ran back in fear, but the dog walked to the very edge of the fiery hole. He looked over his shoulder at Paradise and his fellow creatures. Wagging his tail he communicated with them in a way we know exists but cannot begin to comprehend. Then, taking a powerful leap, the dog sailed across the chasm to stand proudly at the side of man. The Creator looked down with sadness upon his man and woman. He saw his old companion walking with them and upon the face of the dog was a familiar look of understanding and compassion. The Creator was comforted, for the three beings he blessed with the gifts of loyalty and love were destined to be together - forever. Author Unknown

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