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MiLe Pei Chinese Shar Pei

MiLe Pei Chinese Shar Pei is located in Northwestern PA. We are a family of 4 who are dedicated to promoting all of the wonderful qualities of this breed. Although, we are fairly new to owning Shar pei, we are constantly educating ourselves. By belonging to the AKC and CSPCA (Chinese Shar Pei Club of America) we are being updated consistantly with all the latest health issues regarding our breed, as well as useful information to make us more aware of the concerns of dog owners and breeders. We are committed to breeding to the standard for health, conformation,and temperment. By having a limited number of litters per year we are able to home raise our babies, by doing this they never see the inside of a kennel and are extremally socialized and well adapted to a family enviroment.

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MiLe Pei Chinese Shar Pei

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