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Pet Problem Of The Month

As winter is fast approaching we are preparing our houses and our closets for the frosty weather. We also need to prepare our canine companions. Here is a list of Winter Weather tips Listed in the November Issue of Dog Fancy Magazine.

Adequate Shelter
Outside dogs need reliable shelter. Use insulated doghouses with loose bedding.
Provide plenty of water
Dogs can become dehydrated even in winter. Eating snow or licking ice does not provide enough water.
Check Paws
Rock salt used to melt snow is an irritant to dog's feet. When the warmth of your dogs feet hit the snow, the snow melts,then crstallizes on the dogs feet.
Watch for Frostbite
Frostbite is the freezing of body tissue. This is more likely to occur on the thinner areas of the body such as ear flaps, tail, and footpads.
Watch for Hypothermia
Any great decrease in body temperature qualifies as hypothermia. Signs are diminished consciousness, slow or infrequent respiration,dilated pupils, or pale to blue cast to the skin
Shovel a path
Imagine trying to wade through snow to find your favorite potty spot. Clear a spot, and spot will be thankful!!
Prepare for outings
Short coated dogs are at the highest risk for exposure. Use those sweaters and booties to protect the feet and body. Especially when going for walks.
Keep Them Dry
Being wet and cold will not make a dog sick, but it will contribute to an suppressed immune system, making them more susceptible to viruses. After a bath dry thoroughly, and never never let them out with even a slightly damp coat.
Keep the heat on
Many people turn the heat down while they are at work to conserve energy. However, keep the heat to a reasonable level if your dogs are indoors.

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