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These are the newest additions to the MiLe Pei family. Born December 26, 1997 we welcomed 4 beautiful babies. Two female red/fawn brushcoats, and 2 blue male brushcoats. Currently all puppies are available to approved homes. Please email me at for more information.

MiLe Pei's THE MAIN EVENT (OSCAR). This is a picture of OSCAR at 6 months taking winners his first time out. We hope there will be many more. Oscar is currently for sale to an approved show home.
"Blue Moon" is a consistant producer of blue,lilac,and Isabella.

This Lilac puppy is a "Blue Moon" daughter. The Lilac color is the result of recessive genes bb, and dd. A recessive gene needs to be present in duplicate in order to indicate it's presence. The B series consists of two parts dominant B produces black. Recessive b produces liver or in the chinese shar pei-chocolate. The D series or the dilution series also has two parts. The dominant (D)indicates densely or intensely pigmented. When paired with As which is responsible for the formation of dark coat color it will result in black. The recessive (d) is the blue dilution similiar to that of the Weimaraners when combined with As.

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